The NAFS Programme conducts research into various sectors of the conflict in Syria. The research is developed into papers which the Programme publishes. These publications deal with different topics pertaining to the Syrian conflict. The research material gathered comes from a variety of sources that is vetted and compiled by the Programme. 

Strategic Policy Alternatives Framework

The Strategic Policy Alternatives Framework - Syria Post-Conflict (SPAF) reflects the necessity to analyze the past to pave the way for sustainable development and recovery of Syria in the future. The document further sums up five years of technical discussions and more than 30,000 pages of research. The document includes an analysis of the internal structural factors that contributed to igniting the conflict and a projection of the various scenarios of how it may end. Also included are the principles that the Syrians involved in Programme agreed upon as the foundation for a future vision for Syria post-conflict, as well as the main policy options and alternatives to achieve it. With the launch of the SPAF Document, it is the aspiration and hope of the NAFS Programme that the document will inform and stimulate a debate among all Syrians regarding the future of their country.

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