Technical Dialogue

The NAFS Programme engages with Syrians through its platform for technical dialogue. The technical dialogue process aims to bring together as many Syrians as possible to encourage them to think about the future of their country and formulate policy choices for a post-conflict Syria. These policy options aim to address all aspects of Syria’s recovery, from reconstruction of physical damages to mitigation of the social and economic impact of the protracted conflict. The most important aspect of the NAFS approach is that it is inclusive as its objective is to gather as many Syrian voices as possible. This technical dialogue is conducted through meetings and discussions of technical material about specific subjects and how to best address them once the conditions are favorable. The policy alternatives the Syrians develop together are designed to reflect the interlinked challenges and opportunities across sectors, and are sequenced according to what the key priorities will be during the peace building and the State building phases in Syria post conflict.

“I would say we can agree we all want a dignified life in Syria with good livelihood opportunities. […] Together we can find some answers to some of the problems. We all need to remain humble”. (Expert)

NAFS Platform for Dialogue


Technical Dialogue Events