Preventing the Reemergence of Violent Extremism in Northeast Syria


Northeast Syria remains highly insecure, amid heightened tensions, bouts of renewed conflict, and the presence of multiple armed actors with a stake in the future of the country – which is painting a worrying picture for its future and the future of its residents.

Syrian Election Profile: Legal Regulatory Framework


This document is a set of laws, decisions and decrees governing the electoral process in the Syrian Arab Republic, and they have been translated into English to contribute to developing a shared lexicon for electoral terminology.

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Mapping Local Governance in Syria: A Baseline Study


Inter-Syrian dialogue is increasingly converging on the establishment of a form of democratic decentralization as a cornerstone of the country’s future political order. This report serves as a baseline for any future local governance assistance framework as part of stabilization programming following a political settlement based on United Nations Security Council resolution 2254.

Syria at War: Eight Years On

The “Syria at War: Eight Years On” report is the second product of the collaboration between the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) and the Centre for Syrian Studies (CSS) at the University of St Andrews. It is the result of extensive research by scholars and experts and benefited from the National Agenda for the Future of Syria (NAFS) Programme’s platform for technical dialogue between a broad spectrum of Syrian stakeholders aimed at moving towards consensus beyond the polarizations of the conflict period.

Policy Gap Analysis: An Examination of the Policy-based Gaps Hindering the Peacebuilding Process in the Syrian Arab Republic

Since the end of phase I of the National Agenda for the Future of Syria (NAFS) Programme, and the publication of the Strategic Policy Alternatives Framework (SPAF) document in 2016, the conflict in the Syrian Arab Republic has undergone many structural changes.