Working Groups

The NAFS programme established four thematic working groups in order to bring forward the policy recommendations developed within the second issue of the Strategic Policy Alternatives Framework (SPAF II) report. The working groups will utilize SPAF II as a general roadmap and reference framework for providing feasible policies and detailed guidance notes to relevant actors at the national and local levels in the Syrian Arab Republic. 

The working groups offer an important opportunity to advocate for addressing key issues and pressing needs as well as relevant responses within the Syrian Arab Republic. The working groups also prioritize key principles when advocating certain policies and their implementation, namely: gender, human rights, the environment, sustainability and conflict sensitivity.  These principles are central to the NAFS programme.

NAFS has piloted this initiative by establishing the following working groups:

Working Group on Economic Revival

Working Group on Social Protection Policy

Working Group on Agriculture and Food Security

Working Group on Restoring Social Fabric and Social Cohesion